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Muffetta's Domestic Assistants House Cleaning & Housekeeping Services Housekeeper Westchester

Description Of Work

Muffetta’s helped us out on short notice when we needed a housekeeper. They went out of their way to fulfill our housekeeping needs. Angie or Troy came by regularly to check if the work was done according to our standards. They are very professional and provide great housekeepers in Westchester on short notice and at reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend them!

Member Comments Re:Housekeeper Westchester

It went very well

Muffetta’s Housekeeping Service Comments

This client was so pleasant to work with which really makes our job so much easier.
Their previous housekeeper that they had for years became unavailable very suddenly to their surprise. They called me on a Monday late in the afternoon inquiring about our housekeeper availability. We spoke for over 30 minutes all the while documenting every aspect of what they were looking for in a housekeeper Westchester. When we were done speaking I went thru our database of housekeeping staff and found the perfect match. Our staff member was at their house on Tuesday morning and the client could not have been happier.

Muffetta’s Housekeeper Training

The owner, Muffetta personally trains every one of our housekeepers. From the smallest, say replenishing the Q-Tips in the bathroom, to the largest, meticulously making the beds, no detail is overlooked. Our Housekeepers can do your laundry exactly the way you like it. Make the beds your preferred way, sign for packages, put away groceries, attend to the dry cleaning, take phone calls, we can do anything that will make your life easier. Muffetta takes great pride in our housekeepers excellence. Once a new assignment has been made she is in close touch with the client to see that all needs are being met and she also personally stops at the clients house to inspect the work that is being done. With all this said, if you are looking for a housekeeper westchester: it is a truth that ‘We do your chores right!’

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